Monthly Archive: June, 2012

My DIY Heroes 3: Tavius Aiton

Welcome to the series “My DIY Heroes”, this time focusing on Tavius Aiton, poet, columnist and musician, record producer, disk-jockey, and event organizer. If you missed Part 1: Hush about my mentor writer,… Continue reading

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My DIY Heroes 2: Matt Goff

Welcome to the second installation in the continuing series “My DIY Heroes” which honors my friends and acquaintances who embody the Do It Yourself spirit. This time around, we pay tribute to Matt… Continue reading

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My DIY Heroes 1: Hush

As I have established in the second and third “Tom Boyle’s Name Dropping with Tom Boyle, by Tom Boyle” articles “DIY”, the Do It Yourself Movement puts the focus of artists working around… Continue reading

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Do It Your… Self Help

As I addressed in my previous article, D.I.Y.†3.1 has been a movement against corporate America and has become a way to achieve your goals by going around — not through — the System.†3.2 … Continue reading

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